About Us

Caesarea Landscape Design Ltd. specializes in designing and marketing a wide range of outdoor furniture products.

These products range from benches, seating sets, and billboards through pergolas, marquises, tree protectors, waste baskets, to ashtrays, bus stations, bicycle rack, recycling centers, and art crafts.

Two decades of experience, satisfying customer requirements, as well as, caring for the environment have earned us solid reputation among our colleagues and customers.

The special emphasis we draw on quality and excellence of our products is our key in developing new designs that would fulfill both community and market needs.

We, at Caesarea Landscape Design Ltd., are motivated to design and manufacture highly innovative and best quality outdoor furniture.

Our products are designed and oriented for architectures and customers who venture to create a new public space style.

If you're looking for outdoor furniture which is both practical, customer- tailored, and artistically designed, if quality and customer's satisfaction are essential to you - you'll find us rightly benched!
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