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Bus stations

Designed bus stations

Bus stations for public transport passengers

Over the years, outdoor furnishing has become a part of the city's landscape. Because of that, it also changed its face – instead of classic benches, trash bins and billboards, new and innovative designs took over. The materials in use for urban furnishing, as well as the variety of garden furnishing, both...

Trash containers hiding

Hiding Trash

Garbage stylish hiding - hiding trash receptacle

Garbage Hiding Places - Garbage cans are located at the entrance of every house and building, meant for living or for business. In some cases, the green garbage can is found by the side of the building, while in others it can be found by the gate or around an industrial facility. However, placing trash cans...

Bicycle facilities

Bicycle Facilities - Urban Furnishing

Bicycle facilities - complete the family of street furniture

We're used to the view around us. It includes urban furnishing of all kinds: Wooden benches in the parks, trash bins in waiting areas and all over the city, as well as bus stations and billboards. We take these outdoor furnishing items for granted – they've always been there. Yet, over the years, these items...

Recycling Solutions

Custom recycling solutions according the green trend

There is a trend in recent years to go "green", globally and locally. Authorities encourage citizens to recycle plastic bottles, small cans and batteries. New laws increase supervision over pollutants in industrial factories. And country-wide campaigns call for the reduction in car use. They encourage people to...


Innovative designs pergolas

Shading solutions, pergolas, garden & street furniture

Urban Furnishing - Nowadays it is hard to find avenues, parks, industrial areas or public buildings without urban furnishing. Benches, sitting areas, billboards, trash bins, bus stations – those are inseparable from urban landscape. Those furnishing items have gone through many changes and upgrades over...

Urban benche

Benches and street furniture

Municipal benches

Urban furnishing has developed in the last decades. Trash bins are much more available, bicycle facilities are to be found almost in every public area, billboards decorate the streets and the number of recycling centers is increasing, as part of the spreading "green" trend. Yet, the difference doesn't show...

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