Recycling Centers

In addition to the garbage cans, dumpsters, smoking ashtrays, and as part of the company voluntarily complete the product family of the street and urban furniture, the company offers solutions for recycling, recycling facilities, recycling bins, Cartons recycling facility and solutions for collecting cardboards, batteries facilities and recycling containers for waste separation.

The company's recycling facilities are attractive and with unique design, They are characterized to differentiate from garbage cans and trash bins. The company believes in protecting the environment, preserving nature and promoting green building with the intention to raise awareness of clean and design urban environment. The company offers a wide range of recycling solutions for public organizations and its recycling centers are stationed all over the Israel.

Battery Recycling Facility

265 Batteries collection facility

Recycling Center 220

220 Recycling Center

Recycling facilities cans and bottles

Designed metal containers for collecting cans and plastic bottles - 255

Recycling Center

240 Recycling Center

Recycling Center

Recycling Center 230

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